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About Me

I've felt a special connection to music from the very beginning. Before there was ever a such thing as a Walkman or a Portable CD Player, I walked around carrying a record player. Growing up, we would put speakers in the windows and blast music outside for cookouts, reunions, and parties and I would be the one flipping the tracks. 


My father had two turntables and a mixer and I cut my teeth on spinning vinyl and learning to mix (still not sure he knows that yet!). Fast forward to college and I started to DJ parties on campus and contribute to a show on the student radio station. Life happened, I got married, had kids and I shelved my hobby of DJing.


After a life changing event forced me to re-evaluate what was truly important to me, I decided to spend the little bit of time I have left here on this Earth doing more of what I love. A few years ago I invested in equipment, started to practice again and with the tremendous support of my family, DJ 8Deep was born. Since then I have shared music with the world and continue to turn this hobby and love of mine into an enterprise. Now my mission is to share what I love and Make the World Move - All Day. Every Day.

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