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Why Me?


I believe music provides the soundtrack to life and if done right, forever links music to our most special moments. My job is to work with you to understand your musical tastes and use all the tools at my disposal to provide you with a musical experience that makes your event unique, fun and worthy of timeless memories. Anyone can provide a playlist of pre-selected music, but I truly believe the experience you are paying for includes live mixing and dynamic music selection reading the event audience.

I bring the highest quality equipment to your venue to ensure optics and sound quality are as high as possible. I use controllers by Reloop and/or Rane, QSC speakers, Serato and/or Algoriddim DJ Software, Chauvet Lighting and Apple Laptops. I have made a substantial investment in my business in order to bring you the highest quality experience.

I am committed to providing you with a highly professional experience and your complete satisfaction. I will take the time to understand your musical desires and deliver a performance that exceeds your expectations. My goal is to establish a relationship with you, worthy of a reference for future customers, and become your go to DJ for all your future events.

Beware the DJ who tells you he/she knows every musical genre. The truth is we all have the genres in our comfort zone. As part of our initial conversations, we will clearly discuss your musical preferences and whether or not I am a good fit for you. It's not about the business, it's about the experience I can provide. If I don't think I can deliver on your vision, I'd rather walk away or refer you to another DJ. With that being said, I spend a tremendous amount of time curating music and becoming familiar with every song in my playlist. I pride myself on finding remixes and playing versions of songs that you may not have heard before. I practice on a regular basis, putting mixes out for the public via my Mixcloud page to solicit feedback and hone my skills. I believe my love of music is infectious and becomes apparent when I perform. I bring this love and level of commitment to each of my customers.

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